Dear Friends of the Corner Store,

For about 20 years, we lived the grocer’s family tradition of

sleeping above the store. Our store was a gallery for hundreds of artists

over the years. Also a concert hall, a theater, a morning fitness center,

an after school art classroom, the studio where I built the mosaic YuMe tree,

a community gathering place for memorials, weddings, ANC meetings and on and on.

In this new age of social distancing, the front room would be ideal as:

a private apartment, a workshop,

an art, music or dance studio,

a gallery with size limited openings,

a spacious dining room

or whatever else you may dream up.

Life in the heart of the US Capitol in that old soul, one of a kind space will clearly

never be duplicated elsewhere in our lives, but we’ve had our time there.

We hope the next owners

find as much love and fun and comfort within it’s walls as we did.

Gratefully, Kris and Roy