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Thursday June 22 at 7:30 PM

Concert: Kelly McFarling

Opening act: John Elliott

Kelly McFarling is an Atlanta, GA born, San Francisco-based songwriter we've hosted at both the corner store dc, and the corner store west mountain jam in California. We like her THAT much.

Her work is reflective of transitions, the wilderness, and its navigation.

Sometimes she plays banjo, other times acoustic guitar. Often, she plays a Telecaster fronting her band, The Home Team, featuring pedal steel (Tim Marcus), drums (Nick Cobbett), bass (Oscar Westesson), and various other Bay Area musicians. Water Dog, McFarling’s latest release, is her most intimate and

folk-leaning record to date.

John Elliott began playing at various Hollywood venues in 2001, had expanded throughout southern California by 2003, and later became an international touring artist. His music has been featured on hit TV shows including Grey's Anatomy

and Californication, as well as in PASTE Magazine, on NPR and Neil Young's

"Living With War" website. 


Thursday August 10 from 7 to 8 PM

Open Mic Storytellers from

August theme: Fear/Embracing the Unknown

Ala MOTH radio hour, we open our stage regularly to great stories

centered around a broad theme. This evening at the corner store is a neighborhood -and personal- favorite. You are cordially invited to sign in

on the day of the event, or email to secure a spot ahead of time.

Tell your true story within the 7 minute timeframe 

OR simply enjoy the evening as a member of the audience.

$10 donation at the door, $15 to include refreshments

August 13th at 6 PM

Sunday Classical: Georgetown Quintet

Friday September 1 from 7 to 9 PM

Gallery Opening

capen/weinstein eggshibit

with Tunes by the Capital Hillbillies

Judith Capen spent the last five years creating an eggstrodinary collection

of eggshell art.  The pieces follow a trajectory from agony to tentative hope

and memory. She eggsqusitly manipulates each fragile shell, giving

new life to these disposable containers of life.


Robert Weinstein describes his lostglove collection of images and

artifacts less as art and more like archaeology and a narrative of loss.  “Sometimes they are so beautiful, I am compelled to take them home with me.” The stories told by lostgloves are only limited by imagination.

This eggshibit chronicles the last five years of their lives.

Proceeds to benefit the Corner Store.

September 8th at 7:30 PM

Concert: The Novel Ideas

Saturday September 9 from 7 to 9  PM

capen/weinstein eggshibit show closing party

Friday September 15 from 7 to 9 PM

Gallery Opening

Mark Lindamood / Notes from the Resistance

Sunday December 17th

Holiday Concert with Vox Pulchra

Thursday December 21st

Annual Winter Solstice Celebration with

Jennifer Cutting & The Ocean Quartet

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