900 S. Carolina Ave
Square 945 Square 924
The 9th Street History Project

Though our address is 900 South Carolina Ave, SE in Washington, DC most of our house faces 9th Street and we have such great friends and draw to both streets.  This project was the fallout from a love of history, researching the history of our own house, and living up to the title as the “9th Street Historian” from our annual block party.

My goal is to show a structural history and eventually a full history, as I did with our house, of Squares 945 (bound by 9th St, South Carolina Ave, 10th St, and C St SE) and 924 (bound by 9th St, D St, 8th St, and C St SE).

Roy Mustelier

The Corner Store (9th and
S Carolina Ave,
SE, Washington, DC)

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